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324,028 Words

Three hundred twenty-four thousand, twenty-eight words ago there was nothing in this space. And then I wrote.

This morning I deleted just about all of those words. One click of the button and they were gone. Poof. I swear. Check the archives and you will find nothing.

What will find its way to this space? That’s my personal 324,028 million dollar question. I’m not rushing to find the answer.

For the moment I am embracing the clean slate. The reset. The promise of another circle around the sun (and how nice of it to start on a Sunday–you Type As know what I’m talking about.) 

I will write. It’s the when, where, how, and why that I’m choosing to redefine.

As a gift to myself I choose to leave this space open. We all need an open door somewhere, even if we opened it all on our own.

Happy New Year! 

(I’m not entirely crazy. I exported a huge file to my hard-drive should I ever want to revisit what I wrote here these last six years.)

UPDATE 1/5/2017: I am sloooooowly restoring a handful of posts that seem to have had an impact on readers.



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