I’d rather have actual equality than another pseudo-celebration

Do I need to turn in my feminist card? I didn’t celebrate National Women’s Equality Day today. Even after friends and cohorts wished me a happy National Women’s Equality Day I felt no need to wave my feminist flag.

I suppose I’m a bigger cynic than I am a feminist.

Or, more likely, I’m a rational feminist who isn’t placated by gestures, even ones that come with a Congressional joint resolution.

I don’t need to be reminded that I am equal to a man. I AM fucking equal. If others don’t see that already then what we need is a National Get Your Head Out of Your Ass Day.

Yes, I know being equal and being TREATED as equal are two different things. And I get that this little special day of ours is meant to remind us of the battles women have fought for equality (more specifically, our right to vote) and, as the resolution states, commend and support women in their organizations and activities (it’s like a Congressional pat on the head, right?), but I’d rather have actual equality than another pseudo-celebration, thank you very much.  And let’s be real here—in your social media circles today which got more call outs: National Women’s Equality Day OR National Dog Day? Let’s just say my news feeds had a lot of four-footed bitches in them.

Equality as a concept is not up for debate. Not anymore. It’s the practice of applying equality that needs some work. If Congress really wants to honor women then they should spend less time passing empty joint resolutions and more time passing laws that give not just women, but all people, equal protections, equal freedoms, and equal rights.

a young feminist and her dog

Here’s a young future feminist and her dog. I believe that covers all the damn bases.


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  1. It’s also national dog day. Coincidence? Maybe….maybe not.