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There are limits

holding handsThere are limits to one’s ability to stay silent, to take one’s opinions to a different venue, to pretend like all things are happy.

I hope you’ve all had a thankful holiday and that your season ahead is filled with good things, but I also hope you remain vigilant observers of and active participators in the evolution of this country as part of a global community.

We are an imperfect nation with grand and myopic judgments to make about the world. We fear what may come to our shores and we lose ourselves to dogmas about peace only coming to those who are strong enough to take everyone else out. That’s not peace, that’s oppression. It’s also a farce.

Fear what you will, but do not kid yourself: violence and terrorism are not waiting at the gates hoping we will drop our guard. It’s here, as we seem content to terrorize each other without any help from the outside world. We terrorize in the name of “peacekeeping”. We terrorize in the name of faith and/or ideology. We terrorize with an hypocrisy that overwhelms our senses.

There are limits. And how we respond once we have reached our limit will define how we evolve from here.

Peace through equality.
Peace through body-autonomy.
Peace through faith in humanity.
Peace through peace.

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