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Centered and Sane on Mother’s Day

Me and Mama at the vineyard near Azza, Israel. 1974

Me and Mama at the vineyard near Azza, Israel. 1974

Those who know me well (and perhaps those who have only been within earshot when I am ranting) know I loathe almost all the commercialized holidays. Yes, even Mother’s Day.

I love mothers.
I love my own mother.
I love being a mother.
Mother’s Day cards? Not so much.
I am grateful for the amazing mothers and fathers in my circle of friends and family. They keep me centered and sane. They keep me honest.

We had brunch with one of these special families today and we, along with my lovely mother, watched our kids play and we drank margaritas and we laughed. We laughed about then times when we truly failed at parenting and we reminded each other how awesome we were (and are) most of the time. Hell yeah.

Motherhood doesn’t need a special day, but mothers certainly need special people in their lives.

So here I am, the Mother’s Day cynic, wishing you a very happy Mother’s Day.

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