Best Sign Ever

I’ve never been a fan of high heeled shoes. I could wax on about their role in the unnecessary sexualization of women or rant about the history of footwear used to control women (i.e. foot binding), but the truth is I mostly just find heels impractical. Nancy Sinatra did not sing These Stilettos Were Made for Walking for a reason. High heeled shoes hurt. They squish your toes, give you bunions, and limit your traveling options–there is no off the beaten path in heels. I hate them.

And that is why this is my favorite sign…EVER. While I don’t typically respond well to being told what I can and cannot do, I was thrilled to see this sign. It’s a sign of clear thinking. A sign that all is not lost. It’s a sign that my sneakers are winning.

P.S. This sign can be found on any self-respecting airplane.  It’s a sign to remind you NOT to wear your ridiculous heels in the inflatable rafts. Basically it’s a sign for the stupid which makes me love it all the more.

P.P.S. My opinion about high heeled shoes is my own and I don’t really care if you choose to wear them (except on my inflatable raft after an airplane crash, of course), but I reserve the right to mock you when you can’t walk in your own shoes.

P.P.P.S. Full disclosure: I do, in fact, own some heels, but my friends tell my they are too low to really count as heels. I suppose heels are in the toes of the wearer.

what do you think?