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KM About Me Upside DownMy name is K.M. (Kelly) O’Sullivan. I am a writer and modern day (and hopelessly flawed) feminist. I write essays and periodically blog about parenting, politics, feminism, body image, equality, and the occasional non sequitur. I am notoriously incapable of using commas correctly but, ironically, will fight to the death for my right to use the Oxford comma. I also have a fondness for ellipses and em dashes.

I was born down by the levy in N’awlins (AKA New Orleans, Louisiana) but a nomadic childhood left me rooted to nowhere in particular. Still, I must have regular helpings of jambalaya, beignets, and grits to survive–the blood is still that of a southerner.

I currently live in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, with my husband and our three sons who are spaced in such a way that it might seem I am a fan of mathematical functions (you can read about our child spacing HERE—math skills not required). I’m told there are 10,000 lakes in Minnesota and that the north woods are beautiful, but my heart lives in the city (sadly, my house lives in the suburbs). You could say we enjoy the outdoors in a ‘waiter, I’ll have my meal on the terrace’ kind of way.  I CAN cook, but only do so when absolutely necessary. More importantly, I do not iron.

KM ABout Me BackstageI’ve spent some time on the stage and I get out there every so often to revisit the rush that can only be felt when standing under Klieg lights. I was able to feed the need recently when I was invited to read one of my essays at the inaugural Twin Cities Listen to Your Mother show—EVERYONE has a story. You can hear me read I Wanted a Gloria Steinem Barbie but Got a Baby Alive Instead HERE. I also sing in a local choir where my musical theater vibrato regularly gets me the evil eye from the director–I’m not proficient at blending in.

Currently I am working on a novel based on my slightly quirky 1970s childhood as the daughter of Jewish converts living in the Deep South and Israel. I also write articles and short stories for freelance work and I am developing a project based on my How I Learned to Wear a Dress essays–where feminism meets real life (and heels are totally optional).

I have opinions and I’m not afraid to use them.

KM About Me Head on the Wheel of Life

I believe in human equality. I don’t believe in god. There are people I just don’t like. There are people I absolutely adore. I think George Carlin was hilarious and wise. I feel the same about Paula Poundstone (except I like her in the present tense). I am certain what happens in my bedroom is none of your business, though I may overshare to make a point, and my bedroom choices are definitely not the business of my government (same goes for what happens in my doctor’s office). I think Barbie is no more dangerous to children than a Nerf gun. I think modern fashion magazines and reality television are harmful to just about everyone. I don’t think the color pink is evil. I don’t hate men. I don’t hate women. I do hate idiots. I believe in beauty. I embrace imperfections, especially my own.

I hope you enjoy what you read here. Please contact me if you have any questions or wish to send me a box of candy. Chocolates with nuts are preferred.

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