Ferguson and the Feminist Lens

six bulletsI have been looking at the events of Ferguson, Missouri, through a feminist lens today.

The last couple of years have been particularly politically hostile for women, women’s rights, and female body autonomy. We (women) thought we had already fought this battle and, while things were far from perfect, we thought we had already won the right to choose. And we chose to live our best lives and pursue life, liberty, and happiness.

It turns out our “freedom” was on paper only and when we actually began to demand our rights we starting getting this massive pushback. And now we are fighting harder than we ever have, as women who came of age AFTER Roe v. Wade. They pushed us too far and left us with no option but to fight back in any way we can.

We will stand up. We will not be moved. We will not accept compromise. Equality or bust.

The events in Ferguson, Missouri, placed a bright light on the historically deeper pain of African-American oppression. Yes, all the details have yet to be shared. Yes, there is guilt to be had on all sides, especially when you focus on the minutiae—looting is wrong, police sniper rifles aimed at the citizenry is wrong–but the big picture is this: one violent act has been layered on top of many other violent acts proving that equality isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. People feel they have been pushed too far and are left with no option but to fight for their humanity. Between the calls for calm and peace there are generations coming together on the asphalt streets and the digital roads all saying no fucking more!

We are standing up. We will not be moved. We will not accept compromise. We demand equality.

I get this. I get this as a white woman and I get this as a feminist. Equality is not just for women. Equality is not just a feminist cause.

Stand until you can stand no more.

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